The exact details on how CBD works inside of the ECS are still up for debate, but some experts have figured out that CBD works much differently than THC does. Two important processes associated with how CBD works with the ECS are the following:

  1. CBD binds to enzymes that degrade endocannabinoids
  2. CBD binds with fatty acids that carry endocannabinoids

These two processes play a big role in CBD’s benefits and effectiveness. By binding to enzymes that would normally break down the body’s natural reserve of endocannabinoids, CBD allows for a more abundant supply of cannabinoids to exist in the body. Binding with fatty acids that carry endocannabinoids allows for more of the body’s endocannabinoids to release and be used.

Overall, the endocannabinoid system is an intricate part of our body’s natural ability to maintain balance and adapt to stress. This system has multiple components and works closely with CBD products to benefit individuals in a number of ways. Understanding the ECS and finding the best CBD products to help your ECS function optimally may be your next step towards overall wellness.

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